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Attention Repealed and outdated documents

UNHCR guidelines

Document-ID : LAND-UNHCR-2016-11-14
Documentdate : 14.11.2016

UNHCR Position on returns to Iraq

Recommendations on returns to Irak.

Latest changes
  • Archived: LAND-UNHCR-2016-11-14 UNHCR Position on returns to Iraq (5/24/2019)
    Replaced by:  LAND-UNHCR-2019-05 International Protection Considerations with Regard to People Fleeing the Republic of Iraq
  • New: LAND-UNHCR-2016-11-14 UNHCR Position on returns to Iraq (11/22/2016)

    New recommendations from the UNHCR about returns to Iraq from 14 November 2016 replace the recommendations of the 27th of October 2014. UNHCR urges States to refrain from forcibly returning any Iraqis who originate from areas of Iraq that are affected by military action, remain fragile and insecure after having been retaken from ISIS, or remain under control of ISIS. In the current circumstances, the UNHCR does not consider it appropriate for states to refuse Iraqis international protection on the basis of internal displacement, other than in exceptional circumstances.

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