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This category contains an abstract of summaries of relevant decisions from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Preliminary rulings are particularly relevant in this context. A preliminary ruling is a decision where a court of a Member State requests an interpretation of community law, in a case that is submitted to the court in that State. When the Court has reached a decision, all the courts in the Member States are bound by that decision, in all cases where the same type of question comes up.

The CJEU plays an important role in the development of EU legislation, including in the human rights field. The Court's legal interpretations are binding for EU Member States and are therefore included as part of the accumulated legislation (the so-called "acquis communautaire"). The judgments are an important source of law also for Norway.

The collection of summaries is not complete, but based on a selection of the most important and fundamental decisions that are relevant for Norway.

The summaries provide a brief summary of the facts and the Court's assessments and conclusions, and are written by the UDI, see IM 2012-018 for more information.

You can find links to the judgments under each summary.

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