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UDI circulars

RS 2004-031
Document-ID : RS 2004-031
Case-ID : 2004/0011493
Documentdate : 06.09.2004
Receiver :

The Chiefs of Police
The foreign service missions

Administrative Decisions to Dismiss Appeals in Immigration Cases – Appellate Instance

When the Directorate of Immigration dismisses an appeal, the Immigration Appeals Board is the appellate instance. Hence, it is the Immigration Appeals Board which is responsible for handling the appeal against the dismissal of the original appeal.

The Directorate of Immigration may dismiss an appeal against a decision if the decision is not an individual decision, e.g. decisions regarding deferred implementation.

Furthermore, an appeal may be dismissed if the appellant is not a party to the case or does not have a legal interest in appealing the case.

Moreover, an appeal may be dismissed if it has been lodged after the time limit for the appeal and reinstatement has not been granted, or if the formal requirements for lodging an appeal have not been met.

Any appeal against a decision to dismiss an appeal should be lodged with the Directorate as per standard procedure.


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